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Custom Computers

Using only the top premium components from brands like Intel, MSI and Corsair. Our experienced technicians will build a custom computer that meets your requirements and budget. Anything from casual internet browsing and moderate office work. To extreme performace demanding gaming computers. We can build what you need!

Diagnosis and Repair

CPU - Memory - Solid State Drives - Video Cards - Sounds Cards - PSU - Network Cards - Wireless Setup - Printer Setup - UPS Battery backups

Adware and Virus Removal

We offer remote, spyware, virus and junk removal for your computer. You would be surprised with just how much garbage you have acquired over the years of browsing the web and installing programs. We can restore your system to like new conditions.

Networking and Wireless

Upgrade your home or office to support the latest wireless technologies. We offer excellent solutions to making your home or office network fast, secure and WIFI device ready. 

Private Cloud Servers

I'm sure you've heard about the cloud. Well now you can own a private cloud server that's located in your home or office. No worries about putting your personal data on some giant shared website. Accessed securely from anywhere you need it. This new technology is budget friendly and the safest way to secure your private data, as well as your movies, music and other media. 

Hosting and Development

We offer a range of hosting and web development consulting. Backed by Amazon Web Services, we offer fully featured servers anywhere in the world. Whether you need a small business website or an enterprise solution, we can provide you with the tools and expert advice to make your vision a reality.

Electronics Recycling

We will pickup any electronic equipment and make sure it is properly recycled. This includes pretty much everything that plugs into the wall.

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Fantastic Service

Whether you need us on location or would like remote assistance we are ready to serve. Our prices are always below the competition, don't break the bank going with the high cost Geek Squad repairs. All of our services come with a 30 day service guarantee, if the problem comes back we will fix it at no additional charge..

Team Viewer Remote Repair

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30 Day Service Guarantee